Born and raised in Jesup, Georgia, Pastor Michael Horton began his ministry in his hometown in 1996. After pastoring churches in Georgia, his ministry continued in Saskatchewan, Canada followed by coastal Maine. Along with his wife of 33 years, Sherry Warren Horton, Pastor Michael’s ministry has included community outreach, radio ministry, and chaplaincy for various law enforcement and sporting organizations. The Hortons have served at the state level in both youth and women’s ministries. Pastor Michael holds a Master of Arts degree in Church Ministries from the Pentecostal Theological Seminary in Cleveland, Tennessee. The Hortons have two daughters, two sons-in-law, and five grandchildren.

Pastor Josh comes from a family that has always served in ministry. From a very early age he knew God had called him to lead others to Christ. He has served in various capacities from cleaning bathrooms, translating, evangelist and now as an Executive/Young Adults Pastor. He is a licensed minister within the Church of God. He believes strongly that we need to pour into others in order to propel leaders forward.  His passion is preaching and has a vision to bridge together people from different cultures and generations as one church.

Pastor Trent’s passion is ministering through music and the arts. His goal is to help lead the congregation through a transformational encounter with God utilizing music and the arts in worship services. Trent holds a Master of Arts degree in Ministry Studies with an emphasis in Worship Studies from Lee University. He is also a credentialed minister in the Church of God. He has been serving as the Worship and Arts Pastor at Sanford Church since 2013. Trent is married to Skylar Archer, who is the Student Pastor at Sanford Church. Skylar is also very involved in the worship and arts ministry, and Trent enjoys working with Skylar in the student ministry. Trent and Skylar have one son named Carson. Outside of ministry and music, they enjoy spending quality time together, drinking coffee and being outside. Trent is also a motorsport enthusiast, specifically cars and dirt bikes.



Jacqui knew she was created to work with children since she was a little girl pretending to teach her make believe students as she did homework on her dining room table. She has over 20 years of ministry experience. Her personal desire is that every child would develop a firm foundation of the Gospel, come to know that their identity is found in Christ and that they were created in His image and ultimately developing a personal relationship with our Lord. No child is too young to experience the move of God in their life.



After working as a youth leader for 3 years, Skylar, who usually goes by Sky, felt a call to Student Ministry. She is currently pursuing a degree from Lee University in Ministry Leadership with an emphasis in Counseling. Her passion lies in seeing the next generation become great and mighty leaders that will be the driving force of change in a lost world. Her life motto is to BE the difference, BE the change. Sky longs to be an extension of Jesus in our community and do life alongside of the students. Sky and her husband, Trent, have been married since May of 2015.



Sherry grew up in a pastor’s home in southeastern Georgia. She has always served in some ministry capacity, from women’s ministry to music ministry and everything in between. After marrying her husband, Pastor Michael, and having two daughters, the Hortons began their own ministry in South Georgia in 1996. Since then, their ministry has taken them to Saskatchewan, Canada, coastal Maine, and now North Carolina. The Hortons have two daughters, two sons-in-law, and five grandchildren.



Amos has known the Lord for over 30 years which has helped him see ministry from all aspects of life. He has served as a Sunday school teacher, musician, choir member, elder and church council member. He brings a practical, soundly biblical application to the variety of issues facing men today.

Gary has been involved with Sanford Church for over two decades. He has developed a heart for the Seniors of our community and congregation and believes that their experience for the next generation is immeasurable for their success.